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About Us


Our Director, Scott Corcoran, is an experienced breeder, handler and trainer of working dogs, a passion of his since childhood.
He has sat on several working dog committees, including the Australasian Working Patrol Dog Association (AWPDA) and the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU Australia).
Scott studied a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science & Technology at the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) in Canada and is a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). 
He hones his skills through various working and pet dog training conferences throughout the year.


Jim Killen is passionate about helping others, and loves dogs, qualities that help him excel as a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs Australia. The majority of the puppies raised by Jim go on to become certified guide dogs - he was also trusted with more than one dog at a time - making him one of the most prolific and successful puppy raisers ever. 
He consults with Adelaide K9 Services on a wide range of behaviour including:
  • Assistance dog selection and development.
  • Toileting, feeding, sleeping and walking.
  • Socialisation and environmental experiences.
  • House manners and foundational obedience. 

Lasting change

The Adelaide K9 difference

We teach you, you teach your dog

There is nothing more frustrating than a dog who performs for the dog trainer but seems to "forget" this training within days or weeks. Our proven techniques will teach you how to communicate with your dog, and how to manage your dogs behaviour to achieve lasting results.

  • Convenient in-home consult

    We come to you for the first consult. Depending on the problem we may head out for a walk, or to your local park.

  • Payment options

    We know you want the best for your dog. That's why we accept card payment and Afterpay.


Check out what some of our customers think of our service.
Josh & River
"A couple of months ago I reached out to Scott to help my beautiful girl River, a Dutch Shepherd with a high drive and impulse control issues. Scott was able to quickly assess us as a team, and develop a tailored program that provided the structure and progression that River needed, but more importantly taught me how to teach River. I couldn't be happier with the progression that we've made in a short period of time. River has progressed to working off lead, and being able to spend quality time inside with the family etc., we're moving beyond teaching into genuine training. Both our confidence levels have gone from strength to strength, and instead of fighting, we're spending enjoyable quality time together. Scott has the ability to blend obedience training with behaviour development, and I can't recommend his services highly enough".
Becky, Chloe & Biggie
"Scott was our Saviour! Our dog Biggie a red nose Staffy X is a rescue from RSPCA, he was rescued from a drug house at six months old. He had had no training and was encouraged to fight from the start. He was a lot to handle and now he is a different dog after a 5-week training program with Scott. Scott was very calm and patient with us and Biggie. He showed us how to train biggie in our home environment. Teaching us the basics and progressing right up to introducing Biggie to other dogs. We have achieved so much in such a short amount of time. Now we have had the right education we have the tools to move onwards there is no stopping us now."
Many thanks to Scott!
Highly recommend.
Finnigan's & Bear
"Our Belgian Malinois (Bear) became part of our family at 8 weeks old and is now 2 years old. He is an amazing and affectionate family pet, full of energy and wonderful with our two young girls. Being a Malinois he loves his ball and can go and go all day so we knew early on that we needed to be firm and harness his energy. We have previously had dogs that responded well to food reward training and quickly saw we would need something else with Bear. We had tried three different "dog trainers" in our local area only to realise that we needed someone who understood larger breeds, and more particularly, a Belgian Malinois. We contacted Scott to outline the concerns and challenges we were having with Bear. Despite Scott being in Sydney at the time, he was at our door later that afternoon! Scott's knowledge, experience and most importantly, genuine passion for dogs is evident throughout each session we have had with him. Scott understands the importance of identifying any underlying concerns and works with you to address them. We have also been out to Scott's group training and had a terrific day, Bear was able to socialize with other dogs and their owners and work through more training techniques. I cannot recommend Scott highly enough, if you are experiencing challenging behaviour with your dog - it will be the last call you need to make!"
Kate & Pre
"Scott was a pleasure to work with and helped transform my Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) puppy from a highly reactive, skittish boy to a calmer, engaged dog. Most importantly, he helped all of our family to understand the strategies to continue with his training and guidance. I could not be happier we started working with him!"
Julie, Tony & Clara
"We had issues with our 5-month-old rescue pup Clara. She was scared of strangers, traffic, other dogs and she started annoying our 15-year-old cat. Scott came into our house and Clara was just barking constantly. Scott was calm and eventually won her over. He gave us some excellent strategies to work on and homework. With time and effort Clara is becoming more confident and less scared. The cat thing is a work in progress, but she is definitely improving and there are moments where they are besties. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adelaide K9 Services to anyone who needs help with their dog. Very professional, caring and clearly understands dogs! Knowing that we can pick up the phone at any time if we have an issue gives us confidence with our pup. Thank you, Scott."
Cara, Matt & Ada
"We retained Scott to help us with our anxious and reactive 20-month-old German Shepherd. After 6 sessions she has transformed into a much calmer and more confident dog. One of the big issues we had was her reacting to dogs (only while leashed) on the street with hyper fixation, barking and jumping when seeing another dog, even from a distance. With a baby on the way we were concerned with her being able to be calmly walk with them pram in the future. She is now able to be walked within 2-3 metres of another dog without issue. Her becoming less anxious has also had more impacts day to day with her gaining some needed weight and her coat is much more healthy. It helped that our dog ADORED Scott, and that Scott was able to clearly explain the purpose behind each step in our training program so that we better understood what was going on in her head."
Ladye, Kevin and Savannah
"We found a beautiful blue American Staffy dumped by the side of the road. She had just had a litter and was terrified and traumatized- had clearly been abused. We were unable to find her owner, so we decided to keep her, as she was very sweet and gentle. All went well- she got on fine with the 2 Jack Russells- until she got desexed. After the surgery her hormones acted up and she snapped at Sid and Turbo (who wouldn’t) and we got worried- you know, you hear these stories! So, we made arrangements to send her to a shelter- but we had come to love her so much it was breaking our hearts to abandon her after all she had been through. So, we asked Scott to come out and make an assessment, which he did, and she passed with flying colours. He gave us tips to manage her anxiety and said she would be fine- and she is- she is a dog in a million. We are so grateful to Scott for enabling us to follow our hearts and keep Savannah."