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Behaviour Consults

What happens during a consult?

Our behaviour consults are an in-home service that take around 2 hours. First, we conduct a thorough functional assessment during which we identify the behaviour of concern, the stimuli which trigger it and how it is reinforced.

Before your consult we may ask you to complete an online form and/or submit videos of the behaviour to assist the process.

Next, we assess how you communicate with your dog. Depending on your level of experience we may teach you about classical and operant conditioning, the four quadrants of dog training and how to use a clicker or verbal markers to reinforce desirable behaviour. Don't panic! this is taught and explained in way that makes it easy to grasp.

Finally, we give you an errorless training approach to address the behaviour of concern. This may include management strategies, replacement behaviour, obedience, engagement, focus, impulse control or enrichment activities.

In the coming weeks we will follow up to check on your progress and may send you links to instructional videos.

We don't promise to fix the problem in one visit or sign you up for lifetime training. We give you the tools you need to be the calm and consistent leader that your dog needs.

Consults are a great way to address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Biting / Nipping

  • Barking

  • Jumping

  • Reactivity

  • Aggression