Online Reactivity Course

Get your relationship back on track...

Living with a reactive dog is a nightmare! their behaviour can range from the slightly embarrassing - like growling at a little puppy at the cafe, to the terrifying - lunging at a dog across the street, teeth bared and saliva flying.
Take a deep breath, and some comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone...and that you have come to the right place. 
  • Does your dog lunge, jump, bark, growl and generally misbehave around other dogs?

  • Have you been injured, or knocked over trying to walk your dog?

  • Do you cross the street, or turn around, when you see another dog?

  • Do you walk late at night, or early in the morning to avoid other dogs?

  • Did you stop going to dog training because of your dog's behaviour?

  • Do you avoid social gatherings because you don't trust your dog around others?

  • Do you need to make special arrangements to visit the vet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will benefit from taking our new online reactivity course.   
We got Sahara, a Staffy X rescue dog about a year and a half ago...she was very reactive with other dogs. It was impossible to take her for walks. After deciding to do some training we came across Scott and we are so glad we did. Sahara is a different dog. Scott was so professional and patient with us and his sense of humour made it fun. The knowledge and information you receive will last forever and if you put in the work too, you will not be disappointed.

About Adelaide K9 Services

I am a dog behaviour consultant located in Adelaide, South Australia. I have been around working breeds my whole life, and breeding / training professionally for 6 years. I consult on a wide range of behaviours, but my specialty is aggression and reactivity, for which I run a successful in-person program.
In terms of education, I have the Diploma of Canine Behaviour, Science Technology from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute and I attend numerous workshops and conferences every year. Check out our News Page for more info. 
Something else to note is that I have an extensive background in training people. A skill that is underrated in the dog training industry. I find this invaluable as it allows me to share my knowledge and experience effectively - it also helps me keep the sessions engaging and fun. 

Why An Online Course?

The idea for the online course came from numerous enquiries from owners of reactive dogs who live interstate, or in rural South Australia. The distance made in-person services expensive, and difficult to manage - reactive dogs are not renowned for being great travellers!
So, to help more owners I needed to think outside the box. And so, my Online Reactivity Course was born!     

Developing the Course

The first phase of my in-person program is a functional assessment, this helps me understand your dog, and the environment around them. You could complete this and send it to me, but in my opinion it's not the same as talking through the questionnaire. I also need to see the dog, and I will ask you to interact with them. The assessment informs the advice I give, which may include changes to diet, supplements, handling, management and training strategies.  
I didn't see the value in pre-recorded training sessions, you can see plenty of them on YouTube (and to be fair, some of them are pretty good) but they aren't always relevant to your specific circumstances - i.e. you, your dog and your environment. So, every session will be live, giving you the chance to observe, receive feedback and ask questions.
The next challenge was how to demonstrate techniques properly. This is one of the shortfalls of social media trainers, who demonstrate techniques on their own highly trained dogs. Which is not the same as you teaching Spot from scratch! Now....I also have well trained dogs, two Belgian Malinois, but for reactivity training I use client's dogs, so you benefit from a more realistic demonstration - LIVE.
I will help you select appropriate equipment, teach you how to use it and how to handle your dog around other dogs. 
I will coach you in managing reactivity using places in your local area, including: the dog park, the beach, the vet, the cafe or Bunnings. 
At the end of the course your dog's reactivity will have reached a manageable level, if not completely extinguished. 

About the Course

The course is made up of 6 sessions, normally taken 1 to 2 weeks apart. You can choose a time to suit you, evening and weekend slots are available. 
  • Session 1.   Behaviour Functional Assessment.

  • Session 2.   Obedience and Relationship Coaching.

  • Session 3.   Walking & Leash Handling.

  • Session 4.   Engagement & Focus.

  • Session 5.   Reactivity Exercise I.

  • Session 6.   Reactivity Exercise II.  

At the end of the course your dog's reactivity will have been completely extinguished or reduced to a manageable level. 

What You Need

These are must have's:
  • A good internet or mobile data connection.

  • A Zoom account (it's free to sign up).

  • One to two hours a week to connect with me.

  • 30 minutes a day to exercise your dog.

  • 15 minutes a day to train your dog. 

These will make your experience better:
  •  A Bluetooth headset.

  • A tripod with a phone cradle.

  • A friend with a social dog. 

Regular Price $800 now $599

We are currently offering the online course at this never to be repeated discounted rate.  

Reactivity Starter Pack

Book - Confidence Unleashed written by our director, Scott Corcoran. Blackmores Complete Calm supplement, Prime 100 Kangaroo and Pumpkin Treats, EzyDog Luca Rope Leash and a Company of Animals Coachi Clicker. Valued at $160. Yours for FREE when you enrol in the Adelaide K9 Services Aggressive / Reactive Dog Program.

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